"This was really a fantastic trip in every respect"

Glenn Sampson, Empire of the Incas trip, Oct, 2013

This was really a fantastic trip in every respect. Passing through the Sun Gate at the end of the Inca Trail and seeing Machu Picchu for the first time just like in the pictures was amazing. The guides, espeically Juan Manuel and Eliceo, were excellent. Hiking the Inca Trail was made much easier by doing the entire Empire tour of Cusco, Lake Titicaca, etc. prior to the trek to allow my sea level lungs to adjust to the high elevation. The few problems we had were quickly dealt with and solved by the attentive staff. The food was excellent everywhere we went, even on the Inca Trail. The transfers really helped us move about efficiently. The locals were all very friendly. This was my first trip to Peru and I definitely would like to go again, especially to Cusco. I would definitely recommend Andean Treks to anyone planning a trip to Peru. They executed flawlessly. I am well-pleased that I selected them for this trip of a lifetime.

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