Sacha Lodge (Ecuador)

Following the Napo River down the eastern slope of the Andes you reach the steamy tropical lowlands of the Oriente, the Ecuadorian Amazon. The rain forests of this region are the most complex biological communities that exist, and provide the single greatest reservoir of genetic diversity on Earth.  This small area boasts 587 species of birds, 400 species of fish, and over 100 species of mammals!

Sacha Lodge lies in the heart of this region, 50 miles down the Napo River from Coca, a small jungle town where the airstrip is located. Each day (from 4 to 8 days) you choose your activities from a variety of hikes & walks on forest trails, canoes on quiet rivers and lagoons, accompanied by local naturalist guides. With its stunning lakeside setting and experienced enthusiastic staff, Sacha Lodge provides a superb base from which to explore and appreciate the raw beauty of the rain forest. When you're not actively wildlife viewing, enjoy Sacha as a relaxing retreat with its comforts and services.  Swimming in the lake is a delight!

Not surprisingly, this forest remains a focus for scientific investigation.  Estimates suggest that a mere tenth of the insect species have been named, let alone studied.  A short walk soon reveals the huge variety of forms: a monkey just bigger than a mouse; a liana as thick as a man's waist; a striped frog with poisonous skin; a dry leaf that suddenly sprouts legs and starts walking.  Wonders are there for all to see.

Ecotourism. The land was bought in 1991 by Beni Ammeter, a Swiss entrepreneur, who has been in Ecuador for the last 25 years.  Because Sacha actually has title to the land, hunting and farming are not permitted.  The adjacent Quichua villages benefit from employment and other services that the lodge provides. Through tourism, Sacha has made the land economically competitive.  By educating visitors on the culture of the indigenous people and the fragility of the forest, tourism offers a way to protect the rainforest. We invite you to experience and appreciate the beauty, complexity, variety and serenity of this magnificent ecosystem.

Quick Facts

  • All-inclusive packages: 4, 5 days or more
  • Naturalist-led excursions on forest trails & by canoe
  • Wildlife viewing in forest canopy from 135-foot observation tower and 940-foot long canopy walk
  • Visit Sacha’s renown Butterfly House & Parrot Lick
  • Sleep comfortably in your private bungalow with hot water showers & electricity

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