Napo Wildlife Centre Eco Lodge (Ecuador)

The lodge, built in the local style, is not only tasteful, but also beautiful and comfortable. There are only 10 cabanas, a large dining hall, library and well-stocked bar. The rooms are huge (over 450 sq. ft.), always clean, and include: one king-sized bed and one twin-sized bed (up to 3 people)  private bathrooms with on-demand hot water showers, private porches with lake views, 24-hour electricity with plenty of lights and plenty of 120v outlets, ceiling fans, and secure screens for plenty of bug-free ventilation.

Napo Wildlife Centre Eco Lodge (Ecuador)

Built in the local architectural style, Napo Wildlife Eco Lodge is not only tasteful and functional, but also beautiful and comfortable. There are only 10 cabanas for an intimate environment, a large dining hall, library and well-stocked bar. The dining room is covered by an enormous thatched roof, and is quite large with open views of the lake and a well-stocked bar. Adjacent to the dining room is an observation tower. The modern kitchen has state-of-the-art water filtration system.

Cabin amenities:

- Large rooms (over 450 sq. ft.) to accommodate up to 3 people in one king-sized bed and one twin bed (great for families!)

- Private bathrooms with on-demand hot water showers

- Private porches with lake views

- 24-hour electricity providing plenty of lights and 120v outlets

- Ceiling fans

- Secure screens for bug-free ventilation

- Soap, shampoo, towels, and other such items are provided.



Ecological practices.

The lodge facilities are one of the most ecologically-sound in Ecuador. Electricity is produced through a hybrid system of solar power augmented by high-efficiency generators; wastewater is treated through man-made wetlands and emerges completely pure.

Water: even if there's plenty of fresh water in the Amazon, water from the lake in front of the lodge is used for the bathrooms at the lodge. This water is clean and safe for your own use. After using it, it's treated with a system of wetlands, to avoid any lake pollution. Drinkable water is always available in big plastic containers so you can refill your own bottles. The idea is to use as little plastic as possible to reinforce the environmental policy. Hot water is available all the time.

Electricity: solar panels that charge a bank of batteries are augmented by two state-of-the-art diesel generators that also charge the batteries and provide power at peak times. (In the future, Napo hopes to have a fully solar-powered system, but the technology is just not there yet.) Generators are used sparingly, are noiseless, efficient and reliable 24-hours a day.

Trash: there are not many options, and the most important issue is to minimize consumption of items that become trash. Anything that can be composted is composted; items that are safe to burn and bury are done so; the remainder is packed out to designated landfills.

Wildlife disturbance: working with a number of internationally recognized biologists, Napo is satisfied that small groups of people quietly viewing wildlife from a distance do not significantly impact the wildlife. Blinds are constructed at the parrot licks to ensure that the human activity is hidden from the parrots.


Other amenities at Napo Lodge:

First Aid: first aids kits are taken on excursions. Guides have basic medical training to help in case of emergency.

Boutique: a wide variety of items for personal care, souvenirs, coffee mugs, t-shirts, vests, caps, hats, key holders, flashlights, sun block, mosquito repellent, etc. are available for purchase.

Communications: The Napo Wildlife Center has a two-way radio (vhf and hf) that connects the Lodge, the office in Quito, the office in Coca, and all the facilities. Also there is satellite internet connection (at additional cost.)

Library: open all day long and offers a wide variety of books on Natural History, Biology, Conservation, cultural books, magazines, paperbacks and scientific reports.

Special food: vegetarian or special diets can easily be arranged.

Internet Service: internet service is available at the lodge at a reasonable fee. The system is always connected for use anytime.

Laundry: laundry service is available at additional but reasonable charge.

Quick Facts

  • Eco-lodge owned and operated by the Añangu community
  • 4 to 8 day all-inclusive packages, with departures any day but Sunday
  • Located inside Yasuni National park on its private 82 square mile reserve
  • 2 canopy towers for great wildlife viewing
  • 10 Cabins all face the lake and accommodate 2-3 people
  • Great for families
  • Daily excursions led by bi-lingual and local guides
  • 2 clay licks to see parrots and macaws

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