Napo Wildlife Centre Eco Lodge (Ecuador)

Napo Wildlife Center Eco Reserve offers 4 and 5 day packages. You are based at the lodge and go out for your choice of excursions each day on rain forest trails or in quiet dugout canoes on lakes, to view the incredible wildlife in Yasuni National Park. Experienced bi-lingual naturalists and local guides accompany you to teach you of the intricacies of this amazing ecosystem. You stay in comfortable private cabins and enjoy a small group atmosphere.

Napo is also a fine example of community-based ecotourism. Located within the unique ancestral territory of the Añangu Quichua Community, and part of the Yasuni National Park, it actively protects 82 square miles of pristine rainforest based on a true conservation partnership with the local community.


A little history.

In the early 1990s, the Añangu community had a vision: to build their own lodge to provide jobs for themselves and to protect their land. They wanted high quality facilities to provide an intimate, exclusive and personalized rain forest experience for a small number of guests. They began building a few structures, however, they ran out of money and with no infrastructure, could not finish. The buildings remained incomplete until 2000 when they received help from several local and international contacts and could finish the project.

Thanks to the Añangu Community initiative, their manpower, support by the best technical assistance, and financial aid from donations in partnership with the independent Ecuadorian nonprofit conservation organization, EcoEcuador, Napo Wildlife Center was born in 2003. In June of 2007 the entire lodge was transferred to the community, and currently, Napo Wildlife Center is 100% community owned and administrated.


Uniquely located within Yasuni National Park, Napo Wildlife Center is a private nature reserve of 82 square miles inside the northern portion of the national park. This region is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and among the most biologically diverse areas on Earth. Napo is the only lodge on the south bank of the Napo River, home to 30% more bird and animal species than the north bank.  It has 2 parrot clay licks, eleven primate species, giant otters, and 568 species of birds, one of the finest wildlife destinations in Amazonian Ecuador.

By visiting Napo, you not only have a fantastic experience, but also you help to protect both the community's reserve and Yasuni National Park. At the same time you are helping to support the local people.

Situated right on Anangucocha Lake, the lodge itself is beautiful and comfortable. All buildings' are designed in the local style. There are only 10 cabanas to maintain an intimite feel, a large dining hall, library and well-stocked bar. Attached to the bar is a 50-foot viewing tower from where you can see the Andes on a clear day! Nearby blinds built at parrot clay licks bring the action to you. Deep in the forest is another viewing tower, 120 feet high up in the forest canopy where you experience life above the forest floor.

During the day you'll take excursions to see monkeys, parrots, and giant otters on forest trails and on the lake, led by a bi-lingual guide and a local guide. At the end of the day, you enjoy the comfort of a hot shower, tasty dinner, and a cold beer.

Quick Facts

  • Eco-lodge owned and operated by the Añangu community
  • 4 to 8 day all-inclusive packages, with departures any day but Sunday
  • Located inside Yasuni National park on its private 82 square mile reserve
  • 2 canopy towers for great wildlife viewing
  • 10 Cabins all face the lake and accommodate 2-3 people
  • Great for families
  • Daily excursions led by bi-lingual and local guides
  • 2 clay licks to see parrots and macaws

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