Moonstone to Machu Picchu Trek

What are your recommendations for acclimatization?

So that you have sufficient time to acclimate prior to starting the Moonstone trek, we strongly recommend that you arrive in Cuzco or similar elevation a minimum of two days prior to the trek. This is a 45-km/28-mile trek with a maximum elevation close to 4,600 m/15,100 ft.

How do I meet the group?

Once we receive your final payment, we will send a Confirmation of Service voucher with your prepaid travel details. At 10:30 AM on the day prior to the Moonstone trek, there is an important orientation meeting with your guide and other participants in Cuzco. We review trek arrangements, trail gear and packing strategies, health and dietary matters, tipping and other cash needs, and trail documentation requirements. We also distribute your trail duffel and sleeping pad. If you’ve rented a sleeping bag from us, we give it to you now so you can pack your duffel, ready for the departure early next morning.

Do I have to bring my own sleeping bag and pad?

You can bring your own sleeping bag, but if you prefer, you can rent one from us. We provide Thermarest sleeping pads.

Quick Facts

  • 5 Days, in/out Cuzco
  • 4 days hiking/3 nights camping; 1 night at hotel below Machu Picchu
  • Full day exploring magnificent Machu Picchu
  • Weekly Sunday group departures May - October
  • Enjoy unspoiled, uncrowded Inca Trails and tranquil high Andean valleys
  • Marvel at sublime views toward 18,000-foot snowpeaks
  • Explore rich archeological remains, including an enormous Inca quarry

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