Explora in Easter Island

Stay in Easter Island's most luxurious hotel, Explora en Rapa Nui, in a spectacular open-plan facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy a carefully-crafted inclusive program of innovative and varied tours led by expert guides. 

Located 3,700 kilometers (2,237 miles) from the American continent, surrounded by the world’s most transparent waters, Rapa Nui is the cradle of an unusual and enigmatic culture which persists to this day. The language, music and many traditions remain alive among the island’s inhabitants, while the enormous carved stone moai tell of a more remote past.

The explorations on Rapa Nui use Posada de Mike Rapu as the base. The lodge is located on a hill in the Te Miro Oone area in the center of the island (27º09’ S and 109º 26’ W). 

Departures: any day, year-round,  3 to 8 nights on most programs

2017-2018 Rates, per person, based on the season


 MID SEASON, 2017: May 1-Nov 24; 2018: Mar 1 to Apr 30


3 Nights

4 Nights

6 Nights

Varua $3,140 $2,343 $3,977 $2,968 $5,494 $4,100
Raa Suite $4,212 $3,143 $5,335 $3,981 $7,370 $5,500

3-8 nights available. Please contact us for additional rates


SUMMER SEASON: Dec 1, 2017 to Feb 28, 2018

  3 Nights 4 Nights 6 Nights
Varua $3,377 $2,520 $4,277 $3,192 $5,909 $4,410
Raa Suite $4,527 $3,378 $5,734 $4,279 $7,922 $5,912

3-8 nights available. Please contact us for additional rates


HOLIDAYS: Dec 22, 2017 to Jan 3, 2018 // Tapati dates

  4 Nights
Varua $4,715 $3,519
Raa Suite $6,198 $4,625



  3 Nights, SGL 4 Nights, SGL 6 Nights, SGL
13 to 18 years old, in additional room $765 $1,020 $1,530
4 to 12 years old, in additional bed $510 $680 $1,020

3-8 nights available. Please contact us for additional rates

Family Plans: arrivals on any day of the week, minimum stay 3 nights, subject to availability. Additional bed for children 4-12 sharing parents' room, maximum one extra bed per room. Children under age 3 are complimentary.

Rates include: round-trip transfers from Hanga Roa to the lodge; all meals including drinks from the bar; Exploration activities.

During the flight from Santiago you travel 5 1/2 hours west to this tiny island, one of the most remote in all of the Pacific Ocean.   Land at a modern airstrip, enlarged by NASA for possible use as a landing strip for the space shuttle. You transfer to the hotel, set on a rocky outcrop with lawns sloping down toward the ocean.

Each day you can choose from a wide range of explorations led by one of our expert bi-lingual guides -- on foot or by bicycle -- a couple of hours or a full day -- relaxed or physically demanding.

At the end of each exploration, our lodge is always there waiting for you: a place to enjoy and regain the energy you will need to continue exploring.

Arrival and departure schedules are determined by LAN Chile flights

Quick Facts

  • packages 3, 4 & 6 nights, all-inclusive except airfare
  • special family rates
  • in/out Hanga Roa
  • hike to remote caves
  • learn about the Polynesian island history from expert guides
  • horseback riding, optional SCUBA and other activities
  • enjoy delightful Pacific beaches

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