Explora in Atacama Hotel

At Explora's San Pedro de Atacama lodge in Chile, you enjoy luxurious, tasteful accommodations and excellent service, a great base to make daily explorations of this fascinating area. 

At the lodge, you enjoy its peaceful beautiful location amid countryside on the outskirts of the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, on the Atacama Salta Flat.

During the day, your guides introduce you to unique, extravagant, inexplicable sights in the Altiplano, amid the ravines and dunes of the Salt Range and Moon Valley, in millenial stone villages of shepherds.

At night, the hospitality and comfort is fully up to the standard for which Explora has become well known.

Quick Facts

  • 3 to 8 night stays
  • Special family plans
  • Inclusive packages, in/out Calama
  • All meals and drinks from the bar included
  • Expert guides help you discover the wonders of the Atacama desert
  • Explore the Altiplano lakes, colonial villages, and archeological sites
  • Luxurious accommodation, comfort, food & service

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