Ausangate Llama Trek

Share the trail with Quechua-speaking llama herders beneath some of Peru's tallest snowpeaks. Massive Nevado Ausangate (6,374 m/ 20,900') is the sacred summit at the heart of the spectacular Vilcanota Range - a pristine region of towering peaks, icefields, and sparkling lakes. In the Andean tradition, llamas carry our camp gear on this exhilarating 30-mile/ 48-km. trek, while you hike carrying only a day-pack. This is a custom program, with a 2 person minimum, May through October.


The Vilcanota remains true to cultural traditions stretching back into history. The age-old methods of alpaca herding which sustains the population are everywhere in evidence. Tightly-knit Quechua communities maintain extensive, complex irrigation systems delivering glacial meltwater to the valley bottoms for the year-round moisture required to sustain the alpacas’ favorite forage crops. At higher elevations, you may glimpse the rare vicuña (cousin of the llama and alpaca), pairs of Andean geese, flamingos, and soaring condors. 

Quick Facts

  • 6 days trekking, 5 nights in camp
  • Custom trek, May-Oct, 2 passengers minimum
  • In/out Cuzco
  • Enjoy unspoiled & pristine scenery complete with towering peaks, icefields, and sparkling lakes
  • Trek beneath towering Nevado Ausangate - southern Peru's highest peak

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