Ausangate Inn-to-Inn Trek

On this world-class Ausangate trek, you spend five days and four nights in close proximity to Nevado Ausangate (elevation: 6,384 m/20,945 ft), the highest sacred mountain in the Andes of southern Peru. You travel in harmony with nature, welcomed by the isolated Andean shepherds who live in these high valleys. At night you enjoy the solid comfort of cozy and eco-friendly Andean Lodges, built and furnished to provide comfort and style to satisfy travelers from all over the world.

Quick Facts

  • 5 days hiking/4 nights in mountain lodges
  • In/Out Cuzco
  • Remote & exhilarating - trek in the shadow of Nevado Ausangate (6,374m/20,900')
  • Rest each evening in beautiful eco-friendly Andean lodges
  • View rare high-altitude wildlife, and an amazing geological landscape of reds and blues
  • Add-on to visit Machu Picchu before or after the trek

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