Reviewer Name:
Terry, Moonstone to Machu Picchu Trek, June 21, 2017

This was an incredible trip with my 15 year old nephew. Before the trip, Daisy Hebb was remarkable in walking through options and details, and had helpful hints and insights that only someone who had lived in the area for several years would be able to have. The Moonstone to Machu Picchu 4 day hike was truly remarkable. I enjoyed the solitude and we saw zero, ZERO other trekkers along the way. As a vegetarian, I had great meals with plenty of organic and fresh vegetables and my nephew was able to try some new dishes, like Andean trout which was cooked in a Peruvian, hot stone/fire covered pit which was built right there before our very eyes. Our guide, Jesus was great. He paced us perfectly, pushing just a bit when we needed it, but being very sensitive with plenty of short breaks as some of us began huffing and puffing at higher altitude (15,000 ft). Machu Picchu was all I hoped it would be. As informed in plenty of literature, there were clouds rolling in early in the morning, but they burned off (or blew away) after a couple of hours. We chose the additional 10:00 hike time for Huayna Picchu, rather than the 7:00 am for that reason, and the view was well worth the hike, which was pretty steep. Jesus provided great information about local people, traditions, the culture and living conditions. Jesus' English was better than our Spanish (fortunately, because our Spanish is very limited) and there were no communication issues. This was an incredible experience, with absolutely no regrets. Awesome, literally, views which can only be accessed remotely along the hike, and then just the pure wonderment of Machu Picchu as well as other temples/structures along the way. I loved the trip. Thanks Daisy, Jesus, and the wonderful wranglers and cook.

Reviewer Name:
Chris & Debbie M, 8-Day Galapagos Cruise on the Coral Yacht, June 21, 2017

We all had a fabulous time on our vacation. It was an amazing trip! The Coral 1 was beautiful, very comfortable, had excellent food and impeccable service. Our naturalists were also wonderful. We wouldn't change a thing. The cruise length and itinerary was also perfect. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The ship and the staff were all exceptional with the children (4 young boys!) and they had the time of their lives!

Quito was also fabulous and our guide was great. The Rincon de Puembo was beautiful and everyone there was also helpful. The restaurant was yummy as well! We have no complaints and the trip exceeded our expectations. We love Ecuador!!!

Thanks so much!!!!

Reviewer Name:
Mike Flamang

Our Peru trip was excellent. The arrangements that you made for us were superb, your people in Peru are very professional and, in terms of personality, we couldn't have picked better if we interviewed them ourselves.


Machu Picchu Odyssey, October, 2012

Reviewer Name:
Joel Coren

First and foremost, I would like to thank you and your team for organizing such a wonderful trip. The locations were incredible and the service was first class. Our experience is one that we will remember for a long time to come. The positives are too long to list, but some of the highlights were the staff (our trek guide in Peru was wonderful, so too was our naturalist in the Galapagos,) the boat (the Explorer II really exceeded all of my expectations,) the food! (I prepared for the worst and couldn't have been happier) and the locations (the Galapagos speaks for itself, but the Moonstone Trek was breathtaking.) Everything exceeded expectations. The only problem I have now is that the bar has been set so high I am not sure where to book next!)


Moonstone to Sun Temple Trek and Galapagos cruise, July 2012

Reviewer Name:
Patty Haley

Daisy, thank you! What a fabulous trip! How it possibly exceeded my expectations I don't know but it did. We were in a group of 7 with a fabulous guide, Jesus. It was small and from day one Jesus said we are like family and it was. We were all surprised how connected we felt by the end and how sad we were to see it end. The hike was amazing, the food and set up was unbelievable. Andreis, our head cook, even cooked us a cake for our 25th wedding anniversary-at 10,000 ft and it had icing. It was all just the best. My husband and I were talking at end wondering if we would do anything differently and neither could think of a thing. Thank you Daisy for your endless patience with my questions and all your help creating the perfect trip for us. The AMazon was amazing as well and you were so right to encourage us to go back to the second lodge. Too, I have to add, my husband is not a tour kind of guy and he would do this again in a heartbeat! Thank you!


From Patty Haley, Inca Trail and Tambopata Research Lodge, July 2013

Reviewer Name:
Glenn Sampson, Empire of the Incas trip, Oct, 2013

This was really a fantastic trip in every respect. Passing through the Sun Gate at the end of the Inca Trail and seeing Machu Picchu for the first time just like in the pictures was amazing. The guides, espeically Juan Manuel and Eliceo, were excellent. Hiking the Inca Trail was made much easier by doing the entire Empire tour of Cusco, Lake Titicaca, etc. prior to the trek to allow my sea level lungs to adjust to the high elevation. The few problems we had were quickly dealt with and solved by the attentive staff. The food was excellent everywhere we went, even on the Inca Trail. The transfers really helped us move about efficiently. The locals were all very friendly. This was my first trip to Peru and I definitely would like to go again, especially to Cusco. I would definitely recommend Andean Treks to anyone planning a trip to Peru. They executed flawlessly. I am well-pleased that I selected them for this trip of a lifetime.

Reviewer Name:
Peter and Kathy, Machu Picchu Odyssey, March 2014

This was an absolutely fabulous trip. Our guide, Juan Miguel, was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable not only about the Andes and the Incan civilization but about botany and other things. The one day Inca trail hike was incredible and viewing Machu Picchu for the first time from the Sun Gate was an unforgettable experience. There aren't enough superlatives to use here. Oh-the accomodations and food-wonderful!

Reviewer Name:
John DiFrancesca, Galapagos yacht Angelito family charter & Quito, December, 2013

Perfect, actually. Every step was planned to the detail and the service was first class. Debbie is the best.

Reviewer Name:
Allison & Tristan Hocking

We have just returned from a South American holiday and without a doubt, our Inca Trail hike and Machu Picchu experience was the highlight of this once in a lifetime holiday. We were unsure of exactly what to expect on the trek in terms of the food, equipment and the hike itself. The information we were provided by Andean Treks prior to leaving and at the briefing before hand was great.


After we had met our guide, Jesus, we knew we would be in very safe and knowledgable hands. Our group was only small, which was lovely and the bond that we all had after the five day experience was really nice. A huge thank-you to the porters who carried all the gear up and down over steps and inca stones. You guys are just amazing! Campsites were always set-up on arrival and they would always be there to assist in anyway. The food was so yummy and filling. Three courses for most lunches and dinners and some amazing culinary skills in camp like conditions. It really kept us going. But a massive thank-you goes out to Jesus, our guide. He was so passionate and knowledgable about the trek and the area. He was always checking on everyone in the group and making sure each and every one of us were enjoying our time. Andean Treks.... He is an asset to your company!! We will highly recommend this trekking group to our family and friends.

Reviewer Name:
Debbie & Paige L., Inca Trail Trek & Galapagos cruise

We loved our entire trip! It was so nice to have everything taken care of (transfers, etc) which all went very smoothly. You did an awesome job coordinating it all.

To begin, we fell in love with Cusco. We wish that we had gone a day earlier to spend more time there but we really enjoyed the limited time that we had. I would highly recommend the full day Sacred Valley Tour as it gave a great overview of the Inca history and we saw some amazing ruins. Juan Manuel (poor guy was stuck with us for days!) was very knowledgeable and proud of the history. The hotel in Cusco suited our needs perfectly.

The trek was truly incredible! As you know, we ended up with a "private" trek which was nice. I don't think that there is anything that I would have changed about this part of the trip. The porters, cook, equipment, etc were all great. I would highly recommend doing the trek vs just going to Machu Picchu as the journey makes it so much more meaningful.

The Eclipse was the perfect boat for us. We had a lower naturalist to tourist ratio and the four naturalists were very experienced and good. The ship had a lot of amenities including a nice outdoor dining deck. The food, service, hospitality, etc were all exceptional. We loved the Galapagos and would have loved to have stayed longer. We enjoyed a city tour in Quito on our last day.

Y’all are the best! Thanks for everything!!

Reviewer Name:
Grant R. & Sara M., Inca Trail Trek, Oct 2013

Our Inca Trail trip was the most amazing trip we've ever been on! The preparation materials sent in advance by Andean Treks helped us prepare and know exactly what to expect. Our guide, Disnarda, was the BEST! As it turned out, we were the only two people on our trek, and Disnarda was the best guide we ever could have hoped for. As soon as we would start to feel a little tired, she would instantly offer that we should take a rest. Similarly, she perfectly balanced talking and giving us info during the hike and allowing us quiet time to just soak up the beauty of the trail. She was incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, kind, and an overall pleasure to be around. The porters were so strong, organized, and kind. We are immensely grateful for them. This was the trip of a lifetime for us. Thank you Andean Treks!

Reviewer Name:
Dr. Swapnil Gupta, Moonstone to Machu Picchu Trek, May 2014

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. The planning of the trek was excellent - great choice of route, the division of the distance among the days was just right, making it not too strenuous and not too easy. The food was nutritious, tasted great and was even presented with a lot of care. Above all, I loved our guide Jesus who in addition to being knowledgeable and passionate about what he did, was attentive to all members of the team. I have been thoroughly spoilt for other camping trips and look forward to going on another one with your team.

Reviewer Name:
Raymond Jones, Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu, June 29, 2014

From June 29-July 3, my wife and I booked a trek with your company. Our tour guide, Wilson Callañaupa, met us our hotel the evening before. His knowledge and calming presence did a lot to calm the worries my wife had regarding departing on this hike with no time for acclimatization. While, I was impressed, I didn't realize what a unique human being he was until our first stop along the trail at the Llactapata Ruins. Wilson pulled a packet out of his backpack that contained photocopies of examples of all the previous civilizations that had inhabited Peru before the Incas. He gave an incredibly informative presentation, patiently answering questions and deepening our understanding of Peruvian culture.

And this was just the beginning… Not only did we constantly test his knowledge along the trail about animals, birds, trees, flowers, geographical features, etc. ( We never stumped him), but each evening at tea time he would hold a seminar on a topic of our choice: Tupac Amaru II, The War of the Pacific, Alberto Fujimori, Peru's economy, Peru's educational system, Quechuan phrases, etc. His knowledge was bottomless.

As a teacher who travels a lot with his students, my expectations were very low for a tour guide. Because of this, I had read extensively before coming to Peru. I did not need to prepare so well: Wilson knew and taught us so much. Wilson also has a gift for understanding people. Of course he treated us well and with respect. That was to be expected. As a teacher, I am judged not by how I treat the best students, but the weakest. This is how you can judge a man's character. I watched Wilson along the trail and payed attention to how he interacted with porters and other guides. I saw the respect he gave to our head porter who at one point was Wilson's boss. I saw him interact with both firmness and dignity as he dealt with the other porters.He explained to us the difficult circumstances of their lives.

And along the trail, he was treated with so much respect from the other guides and porters. I would tease him that because people liked him so much he should run for political office. I have travelled a lot in my life. During that time, I have met a lot of interesting people. A lot of the people are employees and it is their job to interact with me. It is rare though that you meet someone who transcends those boundaries. Wilson is that rare person. I respect Wilson. I believe the world is a better place because there are people like Wilson in it. I think you are very lucky to have him as part of your team.

Thank you, Raymond Jones

Reviewer Name:
Dan Benninghoff with Dan Hill, Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu

"A trip of a lifetime in the Andes" Our guide Jesus was excellent and shared his knowledge of the Inca culture and history. He was patient, kind, and, thoughtful. Safety to the our group took precedence at every turn!. The food was amazing! Three course at every meal. Agapito was our chef. He created Andean meals for us during our journey. The porters were friendly, happy, and attentive. The scenery along the trail was breathtaking. I can't imagine not doing this hike. For us it was about the journey. We were not disappointed. I would recommend Andean Trek to plan your next trip to S. America. Don't wait. Do it while you're still young.

Reviewer Name:
Hans Gottschaldt, Moonstone to Machu Picchu Trek

I wanted to submit a review for our trip with Andean Treks on the Moonstone Trek to Ollataytambo and then on to Machu Picchu. We stayed in Cusco at the Costa Del Sol Ramada and absolutely loved it. Great rooms that are well taken care of with a courteous staff and good breakfast (included). Well positioned in the city with easy access to all amenities.

(Note: this is a long testimonial. You may read it in full, or scroll down to the rest of our testimonials.)

From the moment that we started our orientation to the trek we met our guide, Wilson Callañaupa, and knew that we were in for a treat. He told us all about Cusco and what to do there. His organizational prowess and intuition for our abilities and understanding were superb. When we actually started the trek I noticed that Wilson was communicating heavily with drivers, wranglers and the cook to make sure that things were not being missed. His lingual knowledge was also prevalent: speaking spanish, english and Quechua with ease and seamless transition. When one of us needed to stop for a restroom break in a small town he knew its exact location and coordinated the stop early for the cook to acquire some of his supplies as well.

My inability to have gluten was discussed between himself and the cook and I never had to worry about it after that. When we started to hike I could tell that there was a subtle testing process at work. Wilson would walk quickly for almost undetectable periods, evaluating if we could increase our pace. He also watched over his shoulder covertly and listened to our breathing to adjust his pace. He called frequent rests and asked us how we were doing to assess our physical fitness and altitude acclimation. When we wanted to push faster he intentionally slowed us, reminding us that we were not used to the altitude and would need to proceed slowly to acclimate better. This was well needed because later at higher altitudes we did in fact struggle more than we anticipated.

Wilson also started asking us our interests and finding key words to use as segways to Peruvian or Quechuan culture and history. He probed us to find out how interested we were in various aspects of Peru and started gaining our trust and respect on a personal level. He asked us about our families and culture in the US to have us in turn do the same with him. Finding out about his past and personal interests became something we were genuinely interested in and soon we were all joking and having long talks while we walked. Wilson's opinions on issues were completely shrouded and polite and took much probing to discover which is a breath of fresh air compared to the forceful nature of most US patriots' rantings and annoying behavior.

I completely enveloped myself in the calm and polite respectful nature of Wilson and the other employees that Andean Treks/Incan Tours provided us with. We would sit in the dining tent at the end of the day and laugh and joke and make light of the world. It was so comfortable and calm and Peruvian. The feeling that I got from Peru, with Wilson as my instrument of discovery, was one that I grew quickly to love and admire and require more of in the future. What a wonderful human being he is!

On top of all of this, we were astounded by Wilson's physical abilities. We challenged him to run on a steep grade once and he did so with a gazelle-like ability. It was uncanny and absolutely amazing. In fact, Argopito - our cook, was similarly marvelous in his physical fitness! At 55 years of age he was taking short cuts and bounding over sections of ground like he was a young man in his teens. Truly remarkable. We had an excellent time on this trek.

The food was amazing, the history and culture shared by Wilson exemplary, the jokes and laughter during the trip kept things light and the scenery was breathtaking and challenging as well. Wilson organized the trip perfectly to include our best photos and experiences. He scheduled things perfectly and managed us subtly to make sure that we kept on pace to assure the best parts were not missed.

Thank you so much Andean Treks and Inca Tours. Thank you so much to Wilson, Argopito, Don Antonio and Policarpo. We are already looking forward to our next trip with Wilson and Argopito and crew and will recommend this group and trek to many others! Please have any prospective clients feel free to contact me for my recommendation on this trip. It was truly "bucket-list" fulfilling!

Reviewer Name:
Christine Kotynski, Cormorant catamaran Galapagos cruise for honeymoon

We had the pleasure of working with Debbie and Reuben from Andean Treks to plan our honeymoon. I found Andean Treks through various online searches (maybe a Frommer’s article?), and felt at ease knowing I was working with a US company. Debbie arranged the Galapagos Island portion of our honeymoon (which ended up being my favorite part). She was very patient with me, as my husband and I went back and forth many times deciding what we wanted to do/what dates/etc. She was always quick to respond to emails, and always kept me updated of how the process was going. She found us a last minute deal on the Cormorant Yacht, which turned out to be the best boat on the water (I seriously recommend this boat – the ultimate in luxury, as far as luxury at the Galapagos Islands goes)! I ended up waiting til almost the last minute to give Debbie our preferred dates, but she was still able to have everything booked, organized and paid for in less than a week or two – truly an incredible feat! Debbie arranged our flights to and from the Galapagos from Quito, and arranged to have a representative meet us at the airport for the most seamless boarding process ever (it almost worried me how smooth it went!). All our tickets and paperwork to gain entry to the islands were printed and handed to us upon meeting our representative. Our representative was on time, very friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. I worked with Reuben to plan the Machu Picchu portion of our honeymoom, which we tacked on to the week after the Galapagos portion. He was just like Debbie, but in male form! Incredibly helpful, patient and so quick to respond to emails. He helped put together a custom Peru package for us, since we were unable to do the Inca trail hikes (I was 4 months pregnant and didn’t think it was a great idea). He made it possible for us to still experience Machu Picchu, arranging an incredibly sweet personal tour guide for us. This guide later ended up helping us change a portion of our travel since my husband fell ill (some type of stomach bug, as to be expected!). The hotels Reuben picked for us were great – very reasonably priced, in great locations, and with breakfast included. Again, Reuben worked so quickly to make this all come together. We were very impressed with the quick turnaround! Both Debbie and Reuben were very accommodating to me, since I wanted to plan some in-between portions of the trip on my own. They did not push me into having them book things and even offered great tips to help me out. I couldn’t have been happier allowing Andean Treks to plan our Galapagos and Machu Picchu honeymoon excursions. You will be in excellent hands if you go with Andean Treks and I don’t hesitate at all to recommend them to anyone looking for US based travel coordinators. My husband and I are incredibly grateful for the wonderful trip, and truly owe it to Andean Treks for making it possible. Thanks. Chrissy

Reviewer Name:
Sharmila in New Hampshire, Moonstone to Machu Picchu Trek, May 24, 2015

Melissa - Unbelievable! My trip to Peru came about very last minute. The moment I received a reply back from Melissa, which was almost immediate, I knew I was in good hands. She helped me with every detail in a matter of two days and I was booked for a last minute adventure. Melissa was extremely knowledgeable, incredibly helpful, and very patient as I knew I was asking quite a bit by jumping in at the 11th hour. The pre-trip help was more supportive than I could have really asked for! The trek itself was so special. There were dozens of times where our fellow trekkers would look at each other and say "this is incredible!". Peru and this trek summed up - A MAGICAL PLACE WITH MAGICAL PEOPLE.

Reviewer Name:
Lisa Bromberg, Custom Machu Picchu Odyssey and Machu Picchu Mountain, June 2016

Andean Treks provided a first rate experience in this most magical of places. Their professional assistance and intimate knowledge of the area made for an effortless trip with no surprises other than the good ones - gorgeous resorts, fabulous food, wonderful and knowledgeable guides and perfect planning. I joined an already planned trip very late in the game and Daisy Hebb made it all happen almost instantly, coordinating my plans with those already made for the others. She even accommodated my insane request for bath tubs!!!!

Reviewer Name:
Joel Litvin, June, 2016, Machu Picchu Odyssey with add-ons to Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, Arequipa

Andean Treks created a seamless program for us, involving complex logistics, a variety of sub-contractors and guides, transportation and hotels. The entire week was flawless in planning and execution. We were consistently treated with kindness, consideration and concern. Our interests were always considered and our goals were always accommodated. Time was used efficiently, tour guide personnel were well informed, well trained and generous in sharing knowledge and experience. We express our most sincere appreciation to Daisy Hebb.

Reviewer Name:
Courtney Downs, One Day Inca Trail Trek, Ausangate Lodge to Lodge Trek, June 2016

Machu Picchu was not on my bucket list, but it should have been. I have been hiking in the U.S. with a group of friends for years and we decided to head to South America for the famous Machu Picchu Inca Trail. We wanted to fit in another great trek too, so we did one day of the Inca Trail and came into the Sun Gate for an extraordinary, unreal view, then spent two more days in the area hiking the surrounding mountains and exploring the actual site. Andean Treks then set us up for the Ausangate Treks with Andean Lodges. This week provided another incredible experience; absolutely breathtaking. Rainbow Mountain and reaching 17,000 ft were two of the highlights, but organization, care, and wonderful lodges really made the trip extra special. We felt well taking care of the entire time. Our guides, Cesar, Jesus, and Nick, could not have been friendlier and and were a joy to be around as well as highly informative. This ended up being the trip of a lifetime, unexpectedly, and Andean Treks, Daisy Hebb -our contact, and the full crew put together one of the most outstanding trips I've been on, and I have done quite a lot in my life! Thank you Andean Treks, and a big thank you to Daisy Hebb!


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