I enjoyed the solitude and we saw zero, ZERO other trekkers along the way.

Terry, Moonstone to Machu Picchu Trek, June 21, 2017

This was an incredible trip with my 15 year old nephew. Before the trip, Daisy Hebb was remarkable in walking through options and details, and had helpful hints and insights that only someone who had lived in the area for several years would be able to have. The Moonstone to Machu Picchu 4 day hike was truly remarkable. I enjoyed the solitude and we saw zero, ZERO other trekkers along the way. As a vegetarian, I had great meals with plenty of organic and fresh vegetables and my nephew was able to try some new dishes, like Andean trout which was cooked in a Peruvian, hot stone/fire covered pit which was built right there before our very eyes. Our guide, Jesus was great. He paced us perfectly, pushing just a bit when we needed it, but being very sensitive with plenty of short breaks as some of us began huffing and puffing at higher altitude (15,000 ft). Machu Picchu was all I hoped it would be. As informed in plenty of literature, there were clouds rolling in early in the morning, but they burned off (or blew away) after a couple of hours. We chose the additional 10:00 hike time for Huayna Picchu, rather than the 7:00 am for that reason, and the view was well worth the hike, which was pretty steep. Jesus provided great information about local people, traditions, the culture and living conditions. Jesus' English was better than our Spanish (fortunately, because our Spanish is very limited) and there were no communication issues. This was an incredible experience, with absolutely no regrets. Awesome, literally, views which can only be accessed remotely along the hike, and then just the pure wonderment of Machu Picchu as well as other temples/structures along the way. I loved the trip. Thanks Daisy, Jesus, and the wonderful wranglers and cook.

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