Eric & Letty

The Eric & Letty are two identical sister yachts, custom-designed for the Galapagos. Carrying a maximum of only 20 passengers, this small yacht is perfect for families, and those seeking an intimate experience. Small groups of 10 per naturalist guide give you personal up-close encounters on island excursions. Excellently maintained and top-rated guides, you get all this at  reasonable prices!

Environmentally conscientious, this fleet has been praised for practicing minimal impact on the Galapagos Islands, and has earned the Smart Voyager Ecological Certification by the Rainforest Alliance. Three decks of spacious staterooms are handsomely decorated with polished teak interiors and brass fittings. All cabins face outside with a window or porthole, one double bed or two twin lower beds, and are fully air-conditioned. Social areas include a dining room, bar, conference area with panoramic windows, open sun deck and observation areas. Excellently maintained and top-rated guides, these yachts are a great choice! 

Departures: Sunday, weekly throughout the year

8 Days & occasional 6 & 7-Day itineraries (Sun-Fri/Sat)

15 Days -- two different 8-day itineraries back to back. The ultimate Galapagos cruise! Contact us for rates.

2018 Rates, per person


Iguana Deck Double / lowest deck $4,700
Iguana Deck Triple (cabins 9 & 10 only) $4,500
Iguana Deck Single* $8,225
Booby Deck Double / middle deck $5,100
Dolphin Deck Double / highest deck $5,600

 *Singles assigned best cabin available at time of sailing; guaranteed single rate on the Dolphin or Booby Deck is +100% of per person double rate.

Special Departures:

- Family* (see rates below under Discounts)  Teens, Graduates, Diving, Holiday -- call for departure dates

- Shorter Itineraries: 7-Day/6-Nights (Sun-Sat Itinerary B, 10% discount off 8-Day rate. Available during "seasonal" dates (specific dates in Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug - Dec)  --  please inquire.

- Women only departure, please inquire

Included in the cruise rate: cabin accommodation; all meals and snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, bottled water, Captain's welcome & farewell cocktail, house wine and local beer wtih dinner; guided shore excursions; complimentary use of wetsuits, snorkeling equipment & sea kayaks and stand up paddle boards (new!) transfers in islands between airport and the dock.

Additional fees:

- Galapagos Airfare (from Quito or Guayaquil): $540 to $620, depending on the routing, season, and subject to change

- Fuel Surcharge, if applicable (none at this time)

- $124 Galapagos Park Fee & INGALA tourist card; $62 for children under age 12

- Holiday Surcharge: $392 per person for April 1-8, Dec 23-30 & Dec 30-Jan 6

Single Supplement: single cabin rate (see above)


- Children's discount on Family-designated departures only: 25% for children 7-11; 50% off internal air. Teens ages 12-17 receive 15% on cruise rate only and are allowed on any departure date; college students 18-21 10%, allowed on any departure date. No holiday discounts.

- Early Bird Promotion, 2017: book 180 days + prior to departure, take 5% off.- Two week itinerary, 5% off each week.

8-DAYS, ITINERARY "B", Western Route 

All itineraries are subject to change by the Galapagos Parks Department. 8-day itineraries A & B alternate every other week. Please contact us for current itineraries.


Morning: San Cristobal Island: airport arrival

Upon arrival to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, SAN CRISTOBAL Island, our crew is waiting at the airport to escort you to your anchored yacht.

Afternoon: San Cristobal Island: Playa Ochoa

After the welcome briefing, buffet lunch and safety drill, we set sail for Playa Ochoa where we have a wet landing. Here, we can test our snorkeling equipment and at the same time swim with a small colony of sea lions. Behind the beach, there is a tidal lagoon where bird can be spotted including the rare Chatham mockingbird. At sunset, we cruise around Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido), a vertical tuff cone formation that abruptly juts up almost 500 feet out of the ocean. On the cliffs, we spot Blue-footed Boobies, Nazca Boobies and Magnificent Frigate birds.



Morning: Genovesa (Tower) Island: Prince Philip's Steps

We spend the entire day on TOWER (Genovesa), considered to be one of the most spectacular Islands in Galapagos for bird species. This morning, we have a dry landing at Prince Philip’s Steps. Red-footed boobies nest here in Palo Santo trees and Nazca Boobies nest near the trail. In an open lava field, we find Storm Petrels in large numbers. If you are lucky, we will see the elusive Short-eared owl. After the walk, our kayaks are available to paddle along the shoreline. Look for the beautiful Red-billed Tropic bird usually found in the crevices.

Afternoon: Genovesa: Darwin Bay

We have a wet-landing on Darwin Bay, a coral sand beach where Swallow-tailed and Lava gulls gather near the tide pools. Enter a forest of Optuntia cactus and mangroves where colonies of Great Frigate birds nest. The males inflate their red-throated pouches to attract females as they fly overhead. The trail leads through a rich inter tidal zone where we find a wide diversity of wildlife. After the walk, we can swim and snorkel from the beach with sea lions in these northern warmer waters.



Morning: Santa Cruz Island: Las Bachas Beach

This morning we visit, Las Bachas, which is the Spanish translation for “barges”. There is a long stretch of a soft white sand beach and interior lagoons where we find the Greater Flamingo. There is also a wonderful chance to snorkel here from the beach.

Afternoon: North Seymour Island:

This afternoon, we have a dry landing at North Seymour, a small geological uplift. We follow a trail that leads us to Swallow-tailed gulls, Blue-footed boobies and the endemic Land iguanas. Visit the largest colony of Magnificent Frigate birds found in Galapagos. As we stroll along the beach, we find Marine Iguanas and sea lions body surf the northern swells. After the walk there is a snorkeling opportunity offered in deep water.



Morning: Fernandina Island: Punta Espinoza

We have a semi-wet landing at Punta Espinoza, FERNANDINA, the youngest and most pristine Island in Galapagos. Recent lava flows formed by an active volcano stretch their way around the coast. Hundreds of Marine Iguanas, the largest colony in Galapagos, bask in the sun along the rugged shoreline. Observe sea lion harems with resident bulls carefully guarding their territory. Flightless Cormorants build their nest on the point and Galapagos Hawks fly overhead. After lunch, we cross the Bolivar Chanel where we often spot whales and dolphins riding the bow wave.

Afternoon: Isabela Island: Tagus Cove

We have a dry landing at Tagus Cove, located on the western Island of ISABELA. Six volcanoes flowed together and formed the largest Island in Galapagos. During the walk, we discover a salt-water lagoon, a scenic overlook with a spectacular view of the ocean, lava fields and volcanic formations. Graffiti dating back to the 1800's is written on the rocky cliffs. Explore the Coves by Zodiac or kayak to find Galapagos Penguins, Boobies, Pelicans and other seabirds. An excellent snorkeling opportunity is offered here after the walk. After dinner, a sky full of stars beckons to go out on deck and observe the galaxy.



Morning: Isabela Island: Elizabeth Bay

Excursion is a zodiac ride at Elizabeth Bay, that begins with a visit to a secluded cove, lined with large red mangrove trees. Here, turtles, rays, and shore birds can be seen. We motor to the rocky islets known as “Las Marielas”, where a colony of nesting Penguins, Flightless Cormorants and giant Marine Iguanas are found.

Afternoon: Isabela Island: Urbina Bay 

At the base of Alcedo Volano, we disembark at Urbina Bay, where we find four miles of its coastal seabed with marine life exposed due to a dramatic uplift in 1954 when the volcano erupted. The marine remnants of coral skeletons, some of them waist-high, are visited after a wet landing on the beach. The Brown Pelicans and Flightless Cormorants nest here. Giant Marine Iguanas are seen along the coast.



Morning: Santiago Island (James): Puerto Egas

Wet landing at Puerto Egas. Stroll along the shoreline looking for octopus, starfish and other sea life caught in the tide pools. At low tide, catch a glimpse of marine iguanas as they feed on exposed green algae. Watch for great blue herons, lava herons, American oystercatchers and yellow-crowned night herons. Our walk ends at the grottos, deep pools of clear water where we encounter fur sea lions once on the verge of extinction. Before returning to the yacht, there is a snorkeling and kayak opportunity.

Afternoon: Rabida Island 

We disembark on RABIDA ISLAND (Jervis), located off James Island. Rabida sports the most diversified volcanic rocks of all the islands and is considered the geographic center of Galapagos. The dark red sand beach originated from the erosion of volcanic stones. Follow a trail that leads to a salt water lagoon, and observe Greater Flamingos as they feed. Brown Pelicans nest in the mangroves at the far side of the lagoon. After the walk, there is time for snorkeling.




Morning: Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Research Station.

We visit all three tortoise corals and the breeding center with new hatchlings and miniature tortoises not yet ready to be repatriated. Scientists from all over the globe work at the station and conduct biological research from anatomy to zoology. We also visit the Van Straelen Hall where there are exhibits and a short video presentation. Visitors can see the pen of Lonesome George, the last surviving member of the Pinta Island subspecies.

Afternoon: Santa Fe Island

We visit SANTA FE (Barrington), a volcanic uplift, and we start with a wet landing at a beach with sea lions. Here, we can observe one of the few remaining land iguanas of the species endemic to Santa Fe Island. Some of these iguanas can be 5 feet long and have very pronounced spines along its back. We also find a forest of giant prickly pear cactus.



Morning: San Cristobal Island: Interpretation Center

The visitor center opened on San Cristobal Island in 1999. Here we gain a more complete understanding of the natural and human history of the Islands. Afterwards, we spend some time in port before heading to the airport for our flight back to the mainland departing noon time on Aerogal. 


Included in the Cruise rate: all meals on yacht, snacks, purified drinking water and non-alcoholic beverages; daily excursions led by experienced English-speaking naturalist guides in groups of 10/per naturalist guide; complimentary use of snorkeling equipment, wetsuits & sea kayaks; captain's welcome and farewell cocktails

Not included: Round-trip airfare (figured separately & prepaid); Galapagos Park Fee & Galapagos Transit Control Card (figured separately & prepaid;) tips to guide, crew and staff; premium liquor, beer and cocktails on board.

Length: 83'

Beam: 24'

Type: motor cruiser


Crew: 9+ 2 naturalist guide

Cruising speed: 10 - 12 knots

Air Conditioning: Yes, throughout

Diving: No, but ask us about the the dive yacht "Galapagos Sky"

Number of passengers: 20

Number of Days: 8 days only, 7 & 6 days on "seasonal" dates. Please inquire. 

Cabins are located on 3 decks.  All cabins have private bath with hot and cold water showers, with soap/shampoo dispensers & hair dryer. Cabins have plenty of storage space with closet & drawers. There is an intercom, and individual climate controls.

Dolphin Deck, top deck, has 4 cabins, each with picture windows. Average size is 95 square feet (8.8 sq. meters).

Cabins #1, #3, & #4 have 2 twin lower beds

Cabin #2 has one double bed


Booby Deck, middle deck, has 2 cabins,

Cabins #5 & #6 each have double bed and picture windows. Average size is 90 square feet (8.4 sq. m)


Iguana deck, lowest deck, has 4 cabins, the largest sized cabins. Average size is 110 sq. ft (10.2 sq. m)

Cabins #7 & #8 have  two twin lower beds with port lights

Cabins #9 & #10 have two twin lower beds and one upper berth (for triples) with port lights.


Single cabins are limited and assigned by the yacht to the best cabin available at the time of sailing.

Triple cabins are available on the Iguana deck only, in cabins 9 & 10.

Females and males willing to share are available on the Iguana deck only. Shares that remain unmatched 60 days prior to departure are subject to pay the difference to a single rate.

Quick Facts

  • 8 & 7 Days, (7 days only on certain dates)
  • 20 passengers
  • Sunday departures
  • 83 feet long
  • Motor-cruiser
  • Special family, teen, graduate departures
  • "Early Bird" Discount 5%, book 6 months in advance

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