Marvel at the rugged beauty, rich culture, and diverse environments of Patagonia on these tours from Andean Treks. With decades of experience leading travel in the region, let us guide you on a once-in-a-lifetime Patagonia tour that you’ll always remember.

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The southernmost part of South America is shared by both Argentina and Chile. Patagonia today comprises both the vast windswept pampas of the Atlantic seaboard, the Andean range that forms the border between Chile and Argentina, and the rugged islands where the Andean range is swallowed up by the Great Southern Ocean.

On our Patagonia tours, you can choose the Torres del Paine Classic Trek, or explore more of Chile, Argentina and Patagonia on our Patagonia  Explorer tour.  Starting further north, you travel overland to explore the frontier country along Argentina's famed Route 40, visiting pristine lakes, forests and national parks. Then to Patagonia for the spiking Torres del Paine, Fitzroy, glaciers and more. All visitors who tour Patagonia discover a land where nature still dominates the efforts of those who come to visit.

Benefits of Andean Treks’ Tours

Andean Treks has specialized in leading tours throughout South America for decades. When you travel with us to Patagonia, you’ll benefit from that expertise. Few companies can boast a track record that long thanks to our depth of experience and expertise. Most trips we offer are:

  • Flexible – we can customize your trip for you if you prefer, so that you do precisely what you’d like.
  • Accessible – our guides and naturalists speak English and are eager to share with you the love of their country
  • Manageable – on treks, porters and pack animals carry any required heavy equipment so you can enjoy the hikes and the scenery
  • Environmentally sound – whenever possible, we stay in eco camps on hiking trips that minimize our environmental impact on the planet.

Why Choose Andean Treks’ For Your Patagonia Tour

Travelers and industry guidebooks regularly praise our reliability, expertise, and attention to detail. When you travel with Andean Treks, these qualities combine to create a worry-free, once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you’ll always treasure.

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