Discover the incomparable opportunities for exploration offered by Ecuador, from the Galapagos Islands to the Amazon rainforest, from the highland haciendas to volcanoes, villages, and people. For the best experience of these sights, and more, travel to Ecuador with Andean Treks, South America travel specialists since 1980.

On your Ecuador tour, you can wake up in a hacienda in the Sierra with views toward the perfect snow-cone of Cotopaxi Volcano and reach the Amazon rainforest within 4 hours of extraordinary downhill driving (or a quick flight!) After a Galapagos yacht cruise, just a 90-minute jet flight from the mainland, you can return the same evening to Quito, a modern, dazzling city with fine dining as well as astonishing colonial riches of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

For a taste of at least three habitats, let Andean Treks create an Ecuador tour for you that combines a Galapagos cruise with an Amazon rainforest lodge and time in the highlands at a historic hacienda. Within each habitat, you'll see many of Ecuador's 1,600 bird species. Whether you're a life-lister or a casual birder or photographer, watching hummingbirds feed or getting up before dawn for a hike to view the exotic Andean Cock of the Rock offer subtle and easily accessible rewards.

Besides Ecuador's verdant landscapes and rich wildlife, the Ecuadorian culture contains a fascinating mix: over 27 different ethnic groups—including Lebanese, Chinese, and other recent immigrants—who occupy distinct territories and social groupings. As you travel north to south along the Avenue of Volcanoes through the heart of the Andes, you notice a change in housing styles, hat designs, and fashions. Fashion trends move laterally and vertically: the humble straw hat, woven since time immemorial from Toquilla palm fibre native to the Ecuadorean lowlands, became known as the Panama hat during the construction of that great canal.

Visiting the Galapagos While the best Ecuador tours include a variety of habitats, the majority of our passengers focus on a Galapagos Island cruise—with good reason! The Galapagos Islands are so unique and otherworldly; all our passengers find that the Galapagos far exceeded expectations. There is no place else on earth quite like it. Our Galapagos cruise pages offer details and photos of a range of Galapagos yachts to help you choose. Before or after your Galapagos cruise, we recommend spending some time on the mainland. You'll be abundantly rewarded.

Benefits of Andean Treks’ Ecuador Tours

While there are many companies that offer Ecuador tours, Andean Treks is one of the very few that has been sending travelers through South America since 1980. Decades of travelers have loved our trips because they are:

  • Flexible – Most of our Ecuador trips are customized. We specialize in creating custom itineraries, not requiring you to accept cookie-cutter options, so your trip is designed just for you, with what you want to see and do.
  • Accessible/educational – our guides are indigenous to Ecuador, speak excellent English, and are eager to share their knowledge of their culture with you.
  • Environmentally sound - Galapagos yachts and Amazon lodges practice strict rules to improve their fragile ecosystems and our planet.
  • Manageable - On treks, porters or pack animals carry the heavy gear, leaving you free to enjoy the hikes and excursions.

Why Travel to Ecuador with Andean Treks

Whatever type of trip you take, you’ll benefit from the expertise we’ve earned leading trips through South America. Travelers and industry guidebooks praise our experience, reliability, and attention to detail, which all combine to create adventures and treks that you’ll never forget.

You must explore Ecuador with us. This richly textured jewel of a country will amaze you with its charms, beguile you with its diversity, and delight you with its people.

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