Experience the wonders of the Andes—from the mystery of Easter Island to grandeur of Patagonia to the beauty of the Torres del Paine National Park—when you tour Chile with Andean Treks.

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The long ribbon of land that is Chile extends from the Altiplano abutting Bolivia and Peru to where the Andes sink into the stormy southern ocean at Navarino Island, south of the Beagle Channel. To get a sense of Chile’s size, it’s roughly as long as the distance from Canada’s Hudson Bay to Belize in Central America.

Isolated from the world by the high Andean mountain chain and vast sea routes, the Chileans developed an independent pioneer mentality. In recent decades they have transformed their country into a modern, prosperous export-oriented nation. You’ll enjoy the sublime wines and abundant fresh fruits and vegetables of the heartland, and fresh seafood in any part of the country.

Whether you prefer rewarding hikes amid the glaciated towers of famed Torres del Paine National Park or a cultural exploration on Easter Island or visiting the Aymara villages of the Atacama desert, in Chile you'll discover a beautiful land with gracious and vivacious people.

Why Choose Andean Treks For Your Chile Tour

Andean Treks has sent travelers through Chile and much of South America since 1980. Travelers the world over praise our tours because they are:

  • Flexible – We excel at creating custom trips that include the sights and experiences you want, rather than forcing you into cookie-cutter itineraries
  • Time-tested – With over 30 years of experience, we possess the local knowledge and expertise to ensure your trip is the once-in-a-lifetime experience you want it to be
  • Accessible – Our guides speak English and are eager to share the love of their country with you
  • Perfectly planned – When you let us focus on the details of your trip, you can enjoy your Chile tour with confidence.

Whatever type of trip you take, you’ll benefit from the expertise we’ve earned helping travelers to tour Chile for decades. Industry guidebooks and travelers alike praise our reliability, attention to detail, and experience, which together create adventures that you’ll never forget.

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