Bolivia offers stunning, rugged natural landscapes and a unique, vibrant culture. Experience that and more on these Bolivia tours from Andean Treks, the South American travel experts since 1980.

Before your first Bolivia tour, it helps to read a bit of history. Take the city of Potosi for example. Today it's a clay-colored, ends-of-the-earth sort of place. In colonial times, with its silver mines booming and smelters roaring night and day, Potosi was one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world.

The glacial peaks of the Royal Range, or the isolated 20,000-foot volcanic outliers on the Altiplano such as Nevado Sajama, seem aloof, a mere panoramic backdrop. Yet on closer inspection, you find a ritual path leading up a mountainside here, linking a small chapel in the valley below with a rocky summit. The stone cairns on ridges and at passes have fresh offerings of coca leaves, the guttering remains of votive candles, and carefully placed llama bone and starfish sacrifices. These mountains are a living part of the community, and you the visitor must be continually mindful. Treat the land with reverence and respect, and the Bolivians will reciprocate.

The Uyuni Salt Flat, in the far south of the country, is stunningly beautiful and an enormously popular destination these days for backpackers. It features:

  • Active volcanoes
  • People living in seemingly uninhabitable and impossibly harsh outback
  • Flamingos at 12,500 feet elevation.

Bolivia is not an easy country in which to travel. A certain amount of austerity and oddity will be a part of most visitors' Bolivia tours. Therein lies its attraction -- it's certainly an adventure traveler's destination. If you've already explored Peru and Machu Picchu, Ecuador, Chile and Patagonia perhaps, Bolivia should be your next adventure stop. Or, make it your first South American tour! As Peru and other Latin American countries have progressed economically and politically, Bolivia still has a ways to go. See it while it remains an unexplored rugged outpost, quirky and stubbornly unique. Andean Treks takes you safely to see the best of Bolivia's attractiveness.

Features of Andean Treks’ Bolivia Tours

Andean Treks has specialized in leading tips throughout South America since 1980, and has led Bolivia tours nearly as long. We’re one of the oldest companies operating in the region and offer unmatched depth of experience and expertise. Beyond that, our trips are:

  • Flexible – let us create a custom trip for you—it’s our specialty. You won’t be forced to accept a cookie-cutter tour from us
  • Accessible – we employ English-speaking guides
  • Fair – we treat our guides and porters very well; they are an integral part of your enjoyment.
  • Environmentally sound - we strive to leave minimal impact on the places we visit.

Why Book Your Bolivia Tour with Andean Treks

Our reliability, expertise, and attention to detail have garnered raves from travelers and industry guidebooks alike. We have the local knowledge and experience to help you plan and enjoy the Bolivia trip you’ve always dreamed of. When you travel with Andean Treks, you’ll find yourself on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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