Travel to the Amazon in Peru or Ecuador with Andean Treks and experience a once-in-a-lifetime tour of some of the world’s great natural and cultural treasures.

On Andean Treks’ Amazon tours, all of your senses are heightened by your immersion into the wondrous energy of this special, fragile, prolific ecosystem. Each day you take your choice of rainforest hikes and river excursions via dugout canoes led by local guides and English-speaking naturalist guides. The tremendous energy and adaptability of life is everywhere around you. Fungi shine in the dark, Morpho butterflies tease you with their iridescent blue as they lurch by, and the roar of a distant howler monkey sounds too powerful to have been produced by any primate.


In Peru:

In Ecuador:

The Manu Biosphere Reserve in southern Peru stands out as one of the largest protected zones. Those interested in the culture enjoy unique opportunities in lodges operated by indigenous groups, such as Kapawi Lodge and Napo Wildlife Center in Ecuador. You can choose an Amazon cruise on an air-conditioned luxury boat, or paddle a wooden canoe at dawn on an oxbow lake on a lodge-based tour. Tell us what style of rainforest adventure you're seeking and we'll recommend an appropriate choice.

Why Choose Andean Treks For Your Amazon Travel

Andean Treks has unparalleled expertise in South America travel. We’ve been leading travelers through the Amazon, the Andes, and much of South America since 1980. Our tours have gained fans throughout the world because they are:

  • World class – With over 30 years of experience in South America, we have the expertise and local knowledge to ensure your trip is smooth and unforgettable
  • Flexible – We help you find the Amazon option that best suits you, so you enjoy the sights and experiences you want. Most tours are 4, 5, or 8 days
  • Knowledgeable – Most Amazon lodges employ local villagers as local guides so you get intimate first-hand knowledge of the regions you visit as well as supporting the people who live there
  • Environmentally responsible – We strive to work with the Amazon lodges that use up as few natural resources as possible to help preserve this global treasure
  • Accessible – All the naturalist guides speak English
  • Detail Oriented - We focus on even the smallest details of your trip, so you can travel with confidence and enjoy your Amazon tour, not worry about the fine print.

Whatever type of trip you take, you’ll benefit from the expertise we’ve earned in Amazon travel since 1980. Travelers and industry guidebooks praise our experience, reliability, and attention to detail, which all combine to create adventures you’ll never forget.

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