Please check with us for current itineraries.

Itinerary F: Fernandina

Itinerary G: Genovesa




Day 1: Wednesday

Morning: Baltra Island, arrival

Afternoon: Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station and  Highlands 


Day 2 Thursday

Morning: Sombrero Chino (Chinese Hat)

Afternoon: Rabida Island


Day 3 Friday

Morning: Isabela Island: Puerto Villamil: Volcano Sierra Negra

Afternoon: Isabela Island: Volcan Chico & Loberia


Day 4 Saturday

Morning: Isabela Island: Punta Moreno

Afternoon: Isabela Island: Elizabeth Bay


Day 5 Sunday

Morning: Isabela Island: Urbina Bay

Afternoon: Isabela Island: Tagus Cove


Day 6 Monday

Morning: Fernandina Island: Punta Espinoza

Afternoon: Isabela Island: Punta Vicente Roca


Day 7 Tuesday

Morning: Santiago (James) Island: Puerto Egas

Afternoon: Bartolome Island


Day 8 Wednesday

Morning: North Seymour Island

Afternoon: Baltra, depart




Day 1 Wednesday

Morning: Baltra Airport

Afternoon: Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station & Highlands


Day 2 Thursday

Morning: Plazas Island

Afternoon: Santa Fe Island


Day 3 Friday

Morning: San Cristobal Island: Cerro Brujo

Afternoon: San Cristobal: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno: Breeding Center / Highlands


Day 4 Saturday

Morning: Espanola Island: Gardner Bay

Afternoon: Espanola Island: Punta Suarez


Day 5 Sunday

Morning: Floreana Island: Punta Cormorant

Afternoon: Floreana: Post Office Bay / Devil's Crown or Champion


Day 6 Monday

Morning: Cerro Dragon

Afternoon: Sullivan Bay


Day 7 Tuesday

Morning: Genovesa Island: Darwin Bay

Afternoon: Genovesa: El Barranco


Day 8  Wednesday

Morning: Turtle  Cove

Afternoon: Baltra Airport / depart for mainland Ecuador

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Included in the Cruise rate:

all meals on yacht, daily excursions led by experienced English-speaking naturalist guides


Not included:

Round-trip airfare (figured separately & prepaid); Galapagos Park Fee, Galapagos Transit Control Card & Fuel Surcharge (figured separately & prepaid); tips to guide, crew and staff; soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Snorkel gear and wetsuits are available for rental.

Quick Facts

  • 8, 6 & 15 Days
  • 16 passengers
  • 2 alternating 8-day itineraries
  • Wed & Fri departures
  • 95 feet long
  • Schooner
  • Naturalist

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