Heather Johnson Long

My favorite outdoor activity is mountain biking. In my younger, more aggressive days I would take the chair lift with my bike up a variety of ski mountains in New England, then come barreling down. These days I can usually be found at Kingdom Trails, Vermont, or riding all over New England with my husband.  When I’m not riding, I’ll go hiking or walking in the woods. I make sure that on most weekends, whether it’s summer or winter, I’m out there enjoying the exhilaration of mountain biking, or the peacefulness of hiking, snow-shoeing, or walking in nature.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to go to Peru to help develop a mountain bike itinerary. It was my first time in Peru and I loved it!  The people and surrounding beauty was amazing. I never quit smiling the entire time I was there. I met friends that have since come to the US to ride my local trails.  So of course when the opportunity arose to work at Andean Treks, I jumped at it!

I love working at Andean Treks, the people here have the same passion for the outdoors as I. Prior to Andean Treks I worked in corporate management.  My co-workers didn’t understand why I was always itching to get out for a bike ride in nice weather or snow shoe around the local woods in the middle of January.  Here my co-workers get it. I am thrilled to have the chance to help other people see the beauty of the outdoors, explore different cultures and meet the people in the amazing Andean countries.


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